Definition of Quiver

1. Noun. An almost pleasurable sensation of fright. "A frisson of surprise shot through him"

Exact synonyms: Chill, Frisson, Shiver, Shudder, Thrill, Tingle
Generic synonyms: Fear, Fearfulness, Fright
Derivative terms: Shiver, Shivery, Shuddery, Thrill, Thrill, Tingle

2. Verb. Shake with fast, tremulous movements. "His nostrils palpitated"
Exact synonyms: Palpitate, Quake
Generic synonyms: Tremble
Derivative terms: Palpitant, Palpitation, Quaker, Quivering

3. Noun. A shaky motion. "The shaking of his fingers as he lit his pipe"
Exact synonyms: Palpitation, Quivering, Shakiness, Shaking, Trembling, Vibration
Generic synonyms: Motion
Specialized synonyms: Tremolo, Tremor
Derivative terms: Palpitate, Shaky, Shaky, Shake, Tremble, Vibrate, Vibrational

4. Verb. Move back and forth very rapidly. "The streets quiver with crowds"; "The candle flickered"
Exact synonyms: Flicker, Flitter, Flutter, Waver
Generic synonyms: Move Back And Forth
Derivative terms: Flicker, Flutter, Fluttering, Waver

5. Noun. Case for holding arrows.
Generic synonyms: Case

6. Verb. Move with or as if with a regular alternating motion. "The city pulsated with music and excitement"
Exact synonyms: Beat, Pulsate
Generic synonyms: Move
Related verbs: Pulsate, Pulse, Throb

7. Noun. The act of vibrating.
Exact synonyms: Quivering, Vibration
Generic synonyms: Motility, Motion, Move, Movement
Specialized synonyms: Shudder, Tremor
Derivative terms: Vibrate, Vibrational

Definition of Quiver

1. a. Nimble; active.

2. v. i. To shake or move with slight and tremulous motion; to tremble; to quake; to shudder; to shiver.

3. n. The act or state of quivering; a tremor.

4. n. A case or sheath for arrows to be carried on the person.

Definition of Quiver

1. Noun. (weaponry) A container for arrows, crossbow bolts or darts, such as those fired from a bow, crossbow or blowgun. ¹

2. Noun. (figuratively) A ready storage location for figurative tools or weapons. ¹

3. Noun. (obsolete) (non-gloss definition The collective noun for cobras.) ¹

4. Noun. Shaking or moving with a slight trembling motion. ¹

5. Noun. (mathematics) A multidigraph. ¹

6. Adjective. (archaic) Nimble, active. ¹

7. Verb. (intransitive) To shake or move with slight and tremulous motion; to tremble; to quake; to shudder; to shiver. ¹

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Definition of Quiver

1. to shake with a slight but rapid motion [v -ED, -ING, -S]

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Literary usage of Quiver

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Pagan Races of the Malay Peninsula by Walter William Skeat, Charles Otto Blagden (1906)
"quiver (or case), (applied both to a small bamboo tobacco ... Crown-shaped arrangement in the blowpipe quiver (to keep the wadding in its place ..."

2. The five great monarchies of the ancient Eastern world; or, The history by George Rawlinson (1871)
"The bow-case was a portion of the quiver, as frequently with the Greeks,7 and held only the lower half of the bow, the upper portion projecting from it. ..."

3. Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday: Garden Delights which are Here Displayed by Alice Morse Earle (1902)
"It is impossible to give a date to these dials, but archaeologists suggest that they are what are called quiver-dials by Vitruvius, wherein the lines, ..."

4. The Iliad of Homer by Homer, John Graham Cordery (1871)
"... winged darts in hand ; Bo And Enyalius to the blue-eyed Maid ; And Her! to gold-quiver'd Artemis, Dread huntress, sister-born to ..."

5. The Five Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World: Or, The History by George Rawlinson (1881)
"... the feathered The quiver, of wliich it t also liave born round. .s«o§it§?u ••gK'-S' J? ... attached to the quiver, i:^ri:iile of a flexible material, ..."

6. The Works of Virgil by Virgil (1891)
"«0 Cretan quiver; Crete (Candia), one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, at the south of the Cyclades. It was anciently famed for its hundred ..."

7. Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature by John McClintock (1879)
"fip-s<";i,r-<&<-§•' < quiver ... Archer and quiver. "•*•" •> antl fanciful designs. They were worn at th« tat &fi the top between the shoulders of the wore: ..."

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