Definition of Racist

1. Noun. A person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others.

Exact synonyms: Racialist
Generic synonyms: Bigot
Derivative terms: Racialism, Racism, Racism

2. Adjective. Based on racial intolerance. "Racist remarks"
Similar to: Racial

3. Adjective. Discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion.
Exact synonyms: Anti-semite, Antiblack
Similar to: Discriminatory, Prejudiced
Derivative terms: Anti-semite

Definition of Racist

1. Noun. A person who believes a particular race is superior to others. ¹

2. Adjective. Of, relating to, or advocating racism. ¹

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Definition of Racist

1. an advocate of racism [n -S] - See also: racism

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Literary usage of Racist

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Snake Walkers by J. Everett Prewitt (2005)
"Whiting a racist? It was early in the day, and the street was quiet. The owners of the house were still away, which was good, because he needed some sleep. ..."

2. Dis-Integrating Multiculturalismby Mute by Mute (2006)
"FREE SPEECH AS SHIBBOLETH: ON THE DANISH CARTOONS How did the racist provocation of Muslims turn into a debate about free speech? ..."

3. South African Social Attitudes: Changing Times, Diverse Voices by Stephen P. Rule, Udesh Pillay, Benjamin Roberts (2007)
"Again the historical black/white schism is confirmed by the mirroring pattern found with regard to the statement that most black people are racist. ..."

4. Teaching Human Rights: Practical Activities for Primary and Secondary Schools edited by Barry Leonard (1989)
"(e) The non-racist class-room Most of the suggestions made for the non-racist class-room can be adopted to promote a non-sexist one. ..."

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