Definition of Radiation sickness

1. Noun. Syndrome resulting from exposure to ionizing radiation (e.g., exposure to radioactive chemicals or to nuclear explosions); low doses cause diarrhea and nausea and vomiting and sometimes loss of hair; greater exposure can cause sterility and cataracts and some forms of cancer and other diseases; severe exposure can cause death within hours. "He was suffering from radiation"

Exact synonyms: Radiation, Radiation Syndrome
Generic synonyms: Syndrome

Definition of Radiation sickness

1. Noun. Any illness produced by ionizing radiation with symptoms ranging from nausea through to death. ¹

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Medical Definition of Radiation sickness

1. A systemic condition caused by substantial whole-body irradiation, seen after nuclear explosions or accidents, rarely after radiotherapy. Manifestations depend on dose, ranging from anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and mild leukopenia, to thrombocytopenia with haemorrhage, severe leukopenia with infection, anaemia, central nervous system damage, and death. Synonym: radiation poisoning. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Radiation sickness

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. American Journal of Roentgenology by American Radium Society (1921)
"Another phase of this newer deep roent- gen therapy that cannot be ignored refers to the radiation sickness. Those who give small and frequent doses are ..."

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"We have made systematic investigations to prove the dependence of the formation of the characteristic symptoms of radiation sickness Fio. 45. ..."

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"See radiation sickness. Progeny testing: evaluation of the genotype of an animal ... radiation sickness: the complex of symptoms characterizing the disease ..."

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"In many patients radiation produces so-called deep radiation sickness, ... In carcinoma of the breast radiation sickness is usually either absent or slight ..."

5. Compendium of abstracts of papers on the therapeutic use of radiumby Radium Chemical Company by Radium Chemical Company (1920)
"radiation sickness." Abstracted in the Journal of Radiology, January, 1923, ... The authors treat radiation sickness by injecting 300 to 1000 co. of ..."

6. Unchained Reactions: Chernobyl, Glasnost, and Nuclear Deterrence by Arthur T. Hopkins (1994)
"... self-acknowledged limitations in dealing with radiation sickness was a recent hunger strike by 120 Chernobyl radiation sickness patients. ..."

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