Definition of Raiment

1. Noun. Especially fine or decorative clothing.

Exact synonyms: Array, Regalia
Generic synonyms: Article Of Clothing, Clothing, Habiliment, Vesture, Wear, Wearable
Specialized synonyms: War Paint

2. Verb. Provide with clothes or put clothes on. "Parents must feed and dress their child"

Definition of Raiment

1. n. Clothing in general; vesture; garments; -- usually singular in form, with a collective sense.

Definition of Raiment

1. Noun. (archaic or literary) Clothing, garments, dress, material. ¹

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Definition of Raiment

1. clothing [n -S] - See also: clothing

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Literary usage of Raiment

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan (1846)
"Now I saw in my dream, that these two men went in at the gate ; and, lo ! as they entered, they were transfigured ; and they had raiment put on, ..."

2. The Holy Bible by Canadian Bible Society (1851)
"... next unto the slain man. even the ciders of that city shall 13 And she shall put the raiment a full month : and alter that, thou shall go in unto her, ..."

3. Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: A Paraphrase from Several Literal Translations by Omar Khayyam, Richard Le Gallienne (1901)
"... my estate be poor, my raiment torn, I am not really sorry I was born, For God has given me my heart's desire— Wine, and the Well-Beloved, and the morn. ..."

4. The Dictionary of National Biography by Sidney Lee (1908)
"raiment. In the 'Antiquarian Repertory' (1780), i. 276, is an engraved portrait ' from the original drawing in the collection of the Right Hon. ..."

5. The Connoisseur by George Colman, B. Thornton (1904)
"Remember the Hat of Confucius, the Turban of Mahomet, the seamless Garment, the scented raiment of Alcibiades and the plain white stock that Brummel wore, ..."

6. A Dictionary of the English Language: In which the Words are Deduced from Samuel Johnson by Samuel Johnson (1805)
"•nd raiment as the clay; out the just shall put it Though the wicked tiaf up silver as the dust, on, and the innocent shall divide the silver. Jot. ..."

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