Definition of Random variable

1. Noun. A variable quantity that is random.

Exact synonyms: Chance Variable, Stochastic Variable, Variant, Variate
Generic synonyms: Variable, Variable Quantity
Derivative terms: Vary

Definition of Random variable

1. Noun. (statistics) (qualifier broadly) A quantity whose value is random and to which a probability distribution is assigned, such as the possible outcome of a roll of a dice. ¹

2. Noun. (statistics) (qualifier formally) A measurable function from a sample space to the measurable space of possible values of the variable. ¹

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Medical Definition of Random variable

1. A variable that may assume a set of values, each with fixed probabilities or probability densities (its distribution), in such a way that the total probability assigned to the distribution is unity; the random variable may be discrete, continuous, or mixed discrete-continuous. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Random variable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Stochastic Differential Equations in Infinite Dimensional Spaces by Gopinath Kallianpur, Jie Xiong (1995)
"(b) A map X : Q — >• H is an H-valued random variable iff for any h GH, < X, ... It is clear that if X is а Ф'- valued random variable then Х[ф] is a ..."

2. Cartanian Geometry, Nonlinear Waves, and Control Theory. by Robert Hermann (1980)
"If X equals h(x) dx, where dx is the Lebesque measure on R, then bfa is the “probability” that the random variable takes its values in the interval ax b. ..."

3. Analytic Statistical Models by Ib M. Skovgaard (1990)
"The random variable XGV is said to have finite kth moment if E (|*(Jr)*|}< oo for ... The characteristic function of the random variable X is the function ..."

4. Group Invariance Applications in Statistics by Morris L. Eaton (1989)
"For a random variable X e X, the following are equivalent. (i) (ii) There exists a random variable Y e Y which is independent of U such that &(X) =&(UY). ..."

5. Storage, Trade, and Price Policy Under Production Instability: Maize in Kenya by Thomas C. Pinckney (1988)
"Some studies, such as the one by Knapp (1982), assume that world price behaves as a random variable with known mean and variance. If this is done, ..."

6. Probability and Statistics for Petroleum Resource Assessment by Robert A. Crovelli (1999)
"... Note: The sample standard deviation S has the same units as the random variable X. ... random variable ..."

7. Topics in Statistical Dependence by Henry W. Block, Allan R. Sampson, Thomas H. Savits, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (1990)
"Consider an absolutely continuous nonnegative random variable T with distribution function F, survival function F = 1 - F and hazard function A = — log F. ..."

8. Stochastic Orders and Decision Under Risk by Karl C. Mosler, Marco Scarsini (1991)
"For a given decision rule the decision taken is a random variable ... The distribution of this random variable as a function of the unknown parameter is the ..."

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