Definition of Real gnp

1. Noun. A version of the GNP that has been adjusted for the effects of inflation.

Exact synonyms: Real Gross National Product
Generic synonyms: Gnp, Gross National Product

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Literary usage of Real gnp

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Production Incentives in Philippine Agriculture: Effects of Trade and by Romeo M. Bautista (1987)
"Such statistical correlation is of course only suggestive of, but does not establish, the behavioral relationship between agricultural growth and real GNP ..."

2. The World Economy by Angus Maddison (2006)
"For 1869-90, their average annual estimate for real GNP growth was 4.16 per cent a year, which is lower than the unpublished Kendrick figure of 5.44 per ..."

3. Food in the Third World: Past Trends and Projections to 2000 by Leonardo A. Paulino (1986)
"For the countries in these two groups, the growth rate of real GNP at best just slightly exceeds population growth. The largest category in this typology is ..."

4. Air Pollution Effects on Crops and Forests: Bibliography 1986-1991 (1993)
"Table 4-2 contains the estimates of losses in real GNP and real national income ... Real GNP would be sharply reduced by a sustained disruption of Persian ..."

5. The Great Depression, 1929-1938: Lessons for the 1980s by Christian Saint-Etienne (1984)
"THE US GREAT RECESSION From the peak of activity in the fourth quarter of 1973 to the trough of the US recession in the first quarter of 1975, real GNP fell ..."

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