Definition of Receptions

1. Noun. (plural of reception) ¹

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Definition of Receptions

1. reception [n] - See also: reception

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Literary usage of Receptions

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Story of the White House by Esther Singleton (1907)
"... New Year's Reception, 1870; receptions and other Entertainments; Dinner to Prince Arthur; the White House in the Summer; Mrs. Grant and Her receptions; ..."

2. Inside History of the White House: The Complete History of the Domestic and by Gilson Willets (1908)
"From Jackson right down to McKinley the various Presidents made attempts to limit the number of persons who should attend the White House receptions. ..."

3. Inside History of the White House: The Complete History of the Domestic and by Gilson Willets (1908)
"It had been the custom, previous to this time, to have one invitation include all receptions during the season. Under the reformation inaugurated by Mr. ..."

4. The Court Circles of the Republic, Or, The Beauties and Celebrities of the by Elizabeth Fries Ellet, R. E. Mack (1869)
"W. Randall—Mrs. Randall—Mrs. Grant's Dress and receptions—Anew Feature at the White House—The Foreign Ministers — Fashionable Gayety at its toppling Height ..."

5. Child-Placing in Families: A Manual for Students and Social Workers by William Henry Slingerland (1918)
"receptions According to Function. Each agency or institution has, or should have, a special mission or function, according to which it orders its receptions ..."

6. The Political Code of the State of California by California, Creed Haymond (1872)
"Public receptions and celebrations. 2020. Companies parading with less than thirty ... Upon receptions, or upon the celebration of any event of public ..."

7. Hand-book of Official and Social Etiquette and Public Ceremonials at by De Benneville Randolph Keim (1889)
"At Evening receptions invited guests are shown to the dressing and coat rooms. ... It is customary at ladies receptions to have refreshments. ..."

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