Definition of Recipients

1. Noun. (plural of recipient) ¹

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Definition of Recipients

1. recipient [n] - See also: recipient

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Literary usage of Recipients

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"Mean latency of response (seconds) for recipients in experiments 1 and 2. ... Thus, for the brain recipients, the longest latencies were found in recipients ..."

2. Maintaining Budgetary Discipline: Spending and Revenue Options edited by Sherry Snyder (1999)
"Under current law, low-income Social Security recipients pay no income tax on ... recipients with modified adjusted gross income (AGI) above $25000 ($32000 ..."

3. Department of Defense Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program: Congressional edited by John Warner (2001)
"For anthrax vaccine, the following studies assessed common events: the Brachman study (379 vaccine recipients) the CDC observational study (7000 vaccine ..."

4. International Trade: Issues and Effects of Implementing the Continued by Loren Yager (2006)
"However, the top CDSOA recipients that did not respond to our survey produce pasta ... Four of the non-recipients produce exclusively in the United States, ..."

5. The Battle Against Exclusion by OECD Staff (1998)
"CASH PAYMENTS TO SOCIAL ASSISTANCE recipients Payments to social assistance ... Table 3 6 Net benefits for social assistance recipients, i997 2 adults and 2 ..."

6. Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering: An Update (1993)
"Male science and engineering master's degree recipients, by field of degree: 1979-89 151 Table 50. Female science and engineering master's degree recipients ..."

7. The Economic Synthesis: A Study of the Laws of Income by Achille Loria, Eden Paul (1914)
"Hence every increase in the numerical ratio between the greater recipients of income and the lesser, diminishes the inequality in the distribution of income ..."

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