Definition of Red alder

1. Noun. Large tree of Pacific coast of North America having hard red wood much used for furniture.

Exact synonyms: Alnus Rubra, Oregon Alder
Group relationships: Alnus, Genus Alnus
Generic synonyms: Alder, Alder Tree

Definition of Red alder

1. Noun. A tree in the genus ''Alnus''; ''Alnus rubra''. ¹

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Literary usage of Red alder

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lumber and Its Uses by Royal Shaw Kellogg (1919)
"red alder red alder (Alnus oregona) is a Pacific Coast hardwood, found chiefly west of the Cascade mountains, in Oregon and Washington. ..."

2. Flora of the State of Washington by Charles Vancouver Piper (1906)
"The commonest type of forest covering is a red alder and giant cedar association, which, however, is seldom pure. Rarely either one of these trees may ..."

3. Lumber and Its Uses by Royal Shaw Kellogg (1919)
"The main factory uses of red alder are shown ' in Table 66. ... The specific uses reported for red alder are for archery bows, broom handles, columns, ..."

4. Check List of the Forest Trees of the United States: Their Names and Ranges by George Bishop Sudworth (1898)
"red alder. RANGE.—From Sitka (through islands and coast ranges of British Colombia, ... red alder (Cal.,Oreg.); Western or Bed Alder. Alnus glutinosa (Liun. ..."

5. Improving Planting Stock Quality: The Humboldt Experience by James L. Jenkinson (1995)
"Douglas-fir, Sitka spruce, coast redwood, western hemlock, western redcedar, grand fir, Pacific madrone, and red alder are found in the residual bordering ..."

6. The Important Timber Trees of the United States: A Manual of Practical by Simon Bolivar Elliott (1912)
"red alder. There are six species of Alder in the United States, ... The common name of that one is red alder, and it is botanically known as Alnus oregona. ..."

7. A flora of western middle California by Willis Linn Jepson (1911)
"red alder. Tree 30 to 90 ft. high; bark very white or white mottled; leaves 2 to 6 in. long, elliptic-ovate, often rusty beneath, the coarse teeth again ..."

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