Definition of Rima vestibuli

1. Noun. The opening between the false vocal folds.

Exact synonyms: False Glottis, Glottis Spuria, Rima Respiratoria
Generic synonyms: Rima

Medical Definition of Rima vestibuli

1. The interval between the false vocal cords or vestibular folds. Synonym: false glottis, glottis spuria, rima respiratoria. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Rima vestibuli

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Diseases of the Nose, Mouth, Pharynx and Larynx: A Textbook for Students by Alfred Bruck (1910)
"All that portion of the larynx which lies above the rima vestibuli is called the vestibulum, and all that which lies below the vocal cords is called the ..."

2. Cunningham's Manual of Practical Anatomy by Daniel John Cunningham, Arthur Robinson (1914)
"The interval between the ventricular folds is termed the rima vestibuli; it is considerably wider than that between the vocal folds. ..."

3. Anatomical Names: Especially the Basle Nomina Anatomica ("BNA") by Albert Chauncey Eycleshymer, Daniel Martin Schoemaker, Roy Lee Moodie, Wilhelm His (1917)
"... surrounded by the two false vocal cords,— the Glottis spuria of older anatomists — forms the exit of the vestibulum, it is called the rima vestibuli. ..."

4. Text-book of Human Physiology: Including Histology and Microscopical Anatomy by Leonard Landois, Albert Philson Brubaker (1905)
"External to the vocal band is the entrance (rima vestibuli) to the sinus of Morgagni (S. Ai.), represented by a dark band. Still further outward, and on a ..."

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