Definition of Rock climber

1. Noun. A climber of vertical rock faces.

Exact synonyms: Cragsman
Generic synonyms: Climber

Definition of Rock climber

1. Noun. A person who takes part in rock climbing ¹

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Literary usage of Rock climber

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Mountain Craft by Geoffrey Winthrop Young (1920)
"But it is possible to be a rock climber without becoming a mountaineer. It is possible to earn a reputation by leading climbs upon some special type of rock ..."

2. Mountaineering by Clinton Thomas Dent (1892)
"The man who desires to excel as a rock climber should before all things avoid the ... If he wishes to make himself a good rock climber let him not ..."

3. Rock-climbing in Skye by Ashley Perry Abraham (1908)
"Add to his other qualities those of a good and careful rock-climber, and one cannot but endorse Mr. Pilkington's action in calling one of the main peaks of ..."

4. Gathered in the Gloaming: Poems of Early and Later Years by Thomas Westwood (1885)
"Shake the worn casements, falls the flooding rain :— " Titan ! rock-climber ! the fierce surges gain On thy retreating steps ; thy loved one dies, ..."

5. Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 5 by Mike Graff (2003)
"I Mark Wellman the rock climber Fill in the bubble to answer each question or complete each sentence. 1. The setting of the story about Mark Wellman takes ..."

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