Definition of Rock wren

1. Noun. Short-tailed bird resembling a wren.

Exact synonyms: Xenicus Gilviventris
Generic synonyms: New Zealand Wren
Group relationships: Genus Xenicus, Xenicus

2. Noun. Wren inhabiting badlands and mesa country of western United States and Mexico.
Exact synonyms: Salpinctes Obsoletus
Generic synonyms: Jenny Wren, Wren
Group relationships: Genus Salpinctes, Salpinctes

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Literary usage of Rock wren

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Auk: Quarterly Journal of Ornithology by American Ornithologists' Union, Nuttall Ornithological Club (1898)
"THE SAN NICOLAS rock wren. BY JOSEPH GRINNELL. SAN NICOLAS ISLAND lies between sixty and seventy miles from the nearest point of the southern California ..."

2. Handbook of Birds of the Western United States: Including the Great Plains by Florence Merriam Bailey (1921)
"From southern California south to Lower California. GENUS SALPINCTES. 715. Salpinctes obsoletus (Say). rock wren.1 Bill about as long as head, slender, ..."

3. North American Birds Eggs by Chester Albert Reed (1904)
"This species appears to be quite abundant on rocky hillsides .Jf"- throughout its range; like most of the Wrens they draw attention 715. rock wren. ..."

4. North American Birds Eggs by Chester Albert Reed (1904)
"etc.; their eggs range from four to eight in number and are pure white, finely specked with reddish brown. Size .72 x .50. 7 I 5. rock wren ..."

5. Birds of California: An Introduction to More Than Three Hundred Common Birds by Irene Grosvenor Wheelock (1903)
"rock wren. — Salpinctes obsoletas. FAMILY : The Wrens, Thrashers, etc. Length: 5.12-6.35. Adults; Upper parts grayish brown, mure or less speckled with ..."

6. The Bird Book: Illustrating in Natural Colors More Than Seven Hundred North by Chester Albert Reed (1914)
"The eggs, which are laid from January to April, resemble, in all respects, those of the common rock wren. 717. WHITE-THROATED WREN. ..."

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