Definition of Rollway

1. n. A place prepared for rolling logs into a stream.

Definition of Rollway

1. Noun. An inclined slope prepared for rolling logs into a stream or into a mill ¹

2. Noun. (rare) A series of cylindrical metal rolls placed between two rails and spaced apart, used to convey materials along a production line. ¹

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Definition of Rollway

1. an incline for rolling logs [n -WAYS]

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Literary usage of Rollway

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lumber, Its Manufacture and Distribution by Ralph Clement Bryant (1922)
"Occasionally a single band mill cutting either hardwoods or softwoods dispenses with a storage yard.1 rollway. Mills having a daily capacity of 15000 feet ..."

2. Thoughts on Books to Read and Books to Burn: A Compilation in Three Parts by Charles Elisher Blakeman (1906)
"There are always two rollway men that work together. One steps to each end of the load, ... This is a rollway, and when they have one as large as is ..."

3. The British Columbia Reports by British Columbia Supreme Court, British Columbia Court of Appeal (1895)
"In the course of the said employment the plaintiff had to work on a rolling tier or rollway for logs, constructed by the defendants for that purpose in ..."

4. Lawyers' Reports Annotated by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company (1906)
"of lumber cut from logs taken by the defendants from a rollway on the Muskegon ... on, the owner by purchase of the land where the rollway, known aa the ..."

5. Annual Reports of the ... Water Commissioner, the Water Registrar, and the by Worcester (Mass.). Water Committee (1884)
"The total fall in the rollway is 17.37 feet. A closely laid pavement was laid 23 ... In excavating for the rollway, all loam and objectionable material was ..."

6. The British Columbia Reports Being Report of Cases Determined in the Supreme by British Columbia Courts, Law Society of British Columbia (1895)
"In the course of the said employment the plaintiff had to work on a rolling tier or rollway for logs, contracted by the defendants for that ..."

7. Cases on the Law of Personal Property by John V. Brennan (1918)
"Defendants claim title by abandonment: their theory being that the original owners had left these logs in this rollway so long that they had lost title by ..."

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