Definition of Roman candle

1. Noun. A cylindrical firework that projects a series of colored balls of fire.

Generic synonyms: Firework, Pyrotechnic

Definition of Roman candle

1. Noun. (context: fireworks) a type of firework, with a long, thick paper tube that contains layers of "stars" and lifting charges. When ignited, pyrotechnic stars shoot from the tube one at a time. ¹

2. Noun. a type of parachute deployment failure ¹

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Literary usage of Roman candle

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. American Druggist (1891)
"Ancient Egyptian Wine P; roman candle : sulphur, 4 parts ; carbon, 3 parts ; nitrate of potassium, 8 parts. Pinwheel : Base : sulphur, 5 parts ; nitrate of ..."

2. New Ideas for Work and Play: What a Girl Can Make and Do by Lina Beard, Adelia Belle Beard (1902)
"It will not take more than five minutes to make the roman candle Cut a ... Hold the candle in one hand and gayly swing it around like a real roman candle. ..."

3. Leading Cases of the Court of Civil Appeals of the State of Tennessee: With by Jos C Higgins, Tennessee Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee (1915)
"The plaintiffs do not undertake to prove, except by one witness, possibly two, that such a thing as the back-firing of a roman candle was ever known or ..."

4. Workshop Receipts by Ernest Spon (1906)
"The mould in which these stars are shaped is a brass tube, Fig 43, of a size proportioned to the size of the Roman- candle case, and is generally about -Jj- ..."

5. The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde (1888)
"You were talking about yourself," replied the roman candle. ... said the Cracker to the roman candle. " A person who, because he has corns himself, ..."

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