Definition of Root cellar

1. Noun. An excavation where root vegetables are stored.

Exact synonyms: Cellar
Generic synonyms: Excavation, Storage Space

Definition of Root cellar

1. Noun. a structure built underground or partially underground and used to store vegetables, fruits, and nuts or other foods ¹

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Literary usage of Root cellar

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Home Economics by American Home Economics Association (1921)
"One series was kept for at least four months in the root cellar, ... The third series was stored in the root cellar for a period of ten days for the purpose ..."

2. Garden Farming by Lee Cleveland Corbett (1913)
"Frequently such cellars are not partitioned into bins but are entirely filled with one huge heap of tubers. The farm root cellar. ..."

3. Small Farm Buildings of Concrete: A Booklet of Practical Information for the by Universal Portland Cement Company (1914)
"A root cellar so located is convenient to the barn and double use ... The design of the arch top root cellar shown in Figure 130, page 148, closely follows ..."

4. Country Life: A Handbook of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscape Gardening by Robert Morris Copeland (1866)
"Two large sliding doors 10 feet wide give entrance to the root cellar, so that a cart full of Roots having entered by the road-way may be backed into the ..."

5. Keeping One Cow: Being the Experience of a Number of Practical Writers, in a (1884)
"PLAN OF BARN BASEMENT WITH NEW STONE FOUNDATIONS, 1878. enough for a year's forage, including root-cellar, a warm, dry stall, conveniently arranged for ..."

6. Farm Buildings by Sanders Publishing Co. (Chicago) (1909)
"PLAN FOR A root cellar. Dig & hole 18'x20', V 4" deep (Fig. 429). On the floor of the cellar hole build a solid concrete wall (Fig. 430). ..."

7. Concrete Construction about the Home and on the Farm by Atlas Portland Cement Company (1905)
"root cellar. root cellars are usually built half below and half above the level of the ground. Excavate 16 inches below the desired level of the floor and ..."

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