Definition of Rotary press

1. Noun. A printing press for printing from a revolving cylinder.

Generic synonyms: Press, Printing Press

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Literary usage of Rotary press

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Press and Politics in Japan: A Study of the Relation Between the by Kisaburō Kawabé (1921)
"... fiction and personal- advice sections; introduction of the rotary press; increase in national population; war stimulated newspaper circulation; ..."

2. Modern Industrial Progress by Charles Henry Cochrane (1904)
"The modern press is really a cylinder machine, in England called The Scott " All-Size " rotary press by printers " the machine," and is more properly though ..."

3. The New International Encyclopædia by Daniel Colt Gilman, Harry Thurston Peck, Frank Moore Colby (1903)
"In 1685 William Bullock, of New York, constructed a rotary press, ... In 1871 R. Hoe & Co. invented a rotary press, which printed on both sides, ..."

4. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1919)
"The rotary press consists principally of two cylinders — one to hold the plate and the other to furnish the pressure — and is supplied with a mechanism ..."

5. Reports of Cases Arising Upon Applications for Letters-patent for Inventions by Frank MacArthur (1885)
"On the 1st of July, 1852, he was again examined, on which last examination he gives a description of the Ruggles' rotary-press and the use and operation of ..."

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