Definition of Rough-textured

1. Adjective. Having surface roughness. "A rough-textured tweed"

Exact synonyms: Coarse-textured, Textured
Similar to: Rough, Unsmooth

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Literary usage of Rough-textured

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Manual Training Magazine (1914)
"This is especially true when the wall is built of rough-textured brick, ... If a rough-textured brick is used with a mortar of contrasting color, ..."

2. Clay Plant Construction and Operation by Arthur Frederick Greaves-Walker (1919)
"This, of course, is enough in a rough textured brick, but makes it ... In the manufacturer of rough textured brick, it is generally the rule to set ..."

3. Clay Products Cyclopedia, Containing Important Information for Every (1922)
"This, of course, suffices for a rough textured brick, but makes it undesirable ... In the manufacture of rough textured brick, the general rule is to Fig. ..."

4. Geology of Wisconsin: Survey of 1873-1879 by Wisconsin Chief Geologist, Wisconsin Geological Survey (1877)
"On the hill above are exposures of the ordinary rough-textured Lower Magnesian, near the base of which formation the quarry layers appear to lie. ..."

5. Geology of Wisconsin: Survey of 1873-1879 by Wisconsin Chief Geologist (1880)
"As seen here (2019; sp. gr., 3.09), it is fine-grained, grayish, rough-textured and highly crystalline, showing under the loupe much of a black lustrous ..."

6. The Archaeological Journal by British Archaeological Association (1902)
"One of the characteristics of the rough-textured ware is the constant occurrence of calcined fragments of siliceous rock in it, which when burnt become more ..."

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