Definition of Round dance

1. Noun. A folk dance; dancers form a circle.

Exact synonyms: Ring Dance
Generic synonyms: Folk Dance, Folk Dancing
Specialized synonyms: Schottische

2. Noun. A ballroom dance characterized by revolving movement.
Exact synonyms: Round Dancing
Generic synonyms: Ballroom Dance, Ballroom Dancing

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Literary usage of Round dance

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Societies of the Plains Indians by Clark Wissler (1916)
"round dance. This is a very popular performance in which all take part. As the name implies, the participants dance in a circle about or near a large drum. ..."

2. A History of Music by John Frederick Rowbotham (1886)
"And the Dactyl dance,2 which gave us our Dactyl, was also a round dance, for the tradition is that it was first danced in Crete by the Corybantes, ..."

3. Old and New by Edward Everett Hale (1872)
"That is a round dance; not what we ... a round dance here in the city, but a dance formed in a ring. No one takes a partner: they all go up one by one and ..."

4. Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three Years Personal Experience Among the Red Men by Richard Irving Dodge (1882)
"... Winning a Married Woman's Love — The Conditional Elopement — The round dance — Music of the Kiss Dance — Wild Notes Recovered — An Interesting Result. ..."

5. Dancing and Its Relations to Education and Social Life: With a New Method of by Allen Dodworth (1900)
"Not a round dance.—Racket Waltz or the " Society."—Two-Slide Racket.—Three-Slide Racket to Galop and Waltz. ..."

6. Common-place Book by Robert Southey (1849)
"The World's round dance. "—THE Uniform Spirit through compassion sends his servants or ministers to the Humanity, both at evening and morning, ..."

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