Definition of Rudolf virchow

1. Noun. German pathologist who recognized that all cells come from cells by binary fission and who emphasized cellular abnormalities in disease (1821-1902).

Exact synonyms: Rudolf Karl Virchow, Virchow
Generic synonyms: Diagnostician, Pathologist

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Literary usage of Rudolf virchow

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Troja: Results of the Latest Researches and Discoveries on the Site of Homer by Heinrich Schliemann, Archibald Henry Sayce (1884)
"BY PROFESSOR rudolf virchow. THE bone-chest contained, unfortunately, so great a number of bones some quite freshly broken in pieces, and consequently no ..."

2. A Cyclopedia of American Medical Biography: Comprising the Lives of Eminent by Howard Atwood Kelly (1912)
"Among bis articles are found : "Ligations for the Cure of Aneurysm," 1884 "Rudolf Virchow," 1893. "Surgery of the Head and Neck," 1898. H. G, JR. ..."

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