Definition of Rufous

1. a. Reddish; of a yellowish red or brownish red color; tawny.

Definition of Rufous

1. Adjective. of a red, reddish colour ¹

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Definition of Rufous

1. reddish [adj] - See also: reddish

Medical Definition of Rufous

1. Synonym: erythristic. Origin: L. Rufus, reddish (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Rufous

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Birds of Eastern North America: With Introductory Chapters on by Frank Michler Chapman (1912)
"Adults of this species may always be known by the rich rufous lessor wing-coverts. ... From the former they may be distinguished by their small size, rufous ..."

2. Transactions of the American Entomological Society by American Entomological Society (1869)
"Posterior femora rufous, apical half of tibiae black 17. ... Abdomen rufous; wings violaceous 33. tardus. Abdomen black: Venter white 26. pectoralis. ..."

3. The Ibis by British Ornithologists' Union (1897)
"Above fuscous brown, with broad rufous edges, upper tail-coverts uniform; head and neck black; tail above fuscous, with several (twelve) narrow bars, ..."

4. Synopsis of American Wasps by Henri Louis Frédéric de Saussure, Edward Norton (1875)
"Black; mandibles, clypeus, scape of the antennae, a frontal mark, and a large spot behind the eyes, rufous. Clypeus often with a transverse black line or ..."

5. The Canadian Entomologist by Entomological Society of Canada (1863-1871), Entomological Society of Canada (1951- ), Entomological Society of Ontario (1894)
"Black, with rufous abdomen and legs. Head small, closely punctured ; palpi ... Black ; legs and band on abdomen rufous. Head large, vertex and cheeks ..."

6. Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum by Richard Bowdler Sharpe, British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Zoology (1879)
"28, note. with lighter edges of rufous-buff to some of the feathers ; rump- ... Upper surface of body rufous-brown, coverts entirely rufous ; scapulars like ..."

7. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1865)
"... whereas the female of affinis, besides its duller plumage, has the wing coverts brownish black barred and tipped with rufous, and the smaller quills ..."

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