Definition of Russian roulette

1. Noun. A stunt in which you spin the cylinder of a revolver that is loaded with only one bullet and then point the muzzle at your head and pull the trigger.

Generic synonyms: Stunt

Definition of Russian roulette

1. Proper noun. (idiomatic games) A deadly game in which a person loads a single bullet in the cylinder of a revolver, spins the cylinder so that the location of the bullet is unknown, points the weapon at his/her head, and pulls the trigger. In its most lethal form, played by multiple participants each of whom takes a turn until the weapon discharges. ¹

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Literary usage of Russian roulette

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Second Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment: Proceedings by Yusuf Pisan, SIGART. (2005)
"This is true of many quite risky non-competitive games as well — as evident in the history of and popular fascination with russian roulette. ..."

2. Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting of the Task Force on Shielding Aspects of by OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (2004)
"A weight window is a space-energy-dependent splitting and russian roulette technique in which each space-energy phase-space cell ..."

3. An Historic Murder Mystery Set in the Internet Bubble And Rubble by Tom Evslin (2006)
"Did he play russian roulette, had he ever done that?" "What's russian roulette? I mean I've heard of it but I don't know exactly what it is. ..."

4. The Medical Implications of Nuclear War by Fredric Solomon, Robert Q. Marston (1986)
"... as analogous to what in the United States, perhaps unfortunately, is called russian roulette. You have a revolver that has six chambers. ..."

5. A Very Public Offering: A Rebel's Story of Business Excess, Success, and by Stephan Paternot, Andrew Essex (2001)
"These people are often playing russian roulette with their life savings. That's hard-earned money they've decided to gamble away. But individuals never see ..."

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