Definition of Rybats

1. rybat [n] - See also: rybat

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Literary usage of Rybats

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Cases Decided in the Court of Session, and Also in the Justiciary and House by Scotland Court of Session, Scotland High Court of Justiciary, Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords, Scottish Council of Law Reporting (1907)
"11 The real objection upon which the whole argument before your Lordships depended related to the size of certain rybats that had been used in the building. ..."

2. The History of Brechin, to 1864 by David Dakers Black (1867)
"The doorway is of a very rude architecture, composed externally of six stones, one used for the door-sill, four for the side rybats, and one cut into a ..."

3. Brickwork & Masonry: A Practical Text Book for Students, and Those Engaged by Charles Frederick Mitchell, George Arthur Mitchell (1904)
"Mullions.—These stones, same as before, in single lengths and 7 in. X 7 in., moulded same as rybats on two angles, dowelled with slate dowels 2 in. xi in. ..."

4. Builders' Reliable Estimator and Contractors' Guide: A Complete Guide for by Frederick Thomas Hodgson (1917)
"... 40 each 5-0 lineal feet 200-0 tabor working 72 returns of moulded lintels for rybats and mullions 12" polished ashlar dados 60-0X5-0 square feet 300-0 ..."

5. The Isle of Bute in the Olden Time: With Illustrations Maps, and Plans by James King Hewison (1895)
"All the windows are splayed inside: the rybats are chamfered ; there is a check in each window for ... The quoins, rybats, and jambs are of white sandstone. ..."

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