Definition of Sacralized

1. Verb. (past of sacralize) ¹

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Definition of Sacralized

1. sacralize [v] - See also: sacralize

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Literary usage of Sacralized

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lateral Curvature of the Spine and Round Shoulders by Robert Williamson Lovett (1907)
"Clinically these variations are described as cervical ribs, lumbar ribs, extra lumbar vertebrae, sacralized vertebrae, deficient vertebrae, etc. ..."

2. Orthopedic Surgery for Practitioners by Henry Ling Taylor, Charles Ogilvy, Fred Houdlett Albee (1909)
"Thus the fifth lumbar may be sacralized, and the sacralization may be ... The specimen to the right is more completely sacralized and has only four lumbar ..."

3. The Secret Bible: A Secular Approach by Joseph R. Rosenbloom (2006)
"All of the actions of ordinary living were sacralized. God's involvement was seen everywhere: wrongs could be set right through proper rituals. ..."

4. American Journal of Roentgenology by American Radium Society (1919)
"Of those, 60 per cent were slight or pronounced mal- The radiogram shows the fifth lumbar vertebra low but not sacralized. Both fifth transverse processes ..."

5. The Famine Plot Persuasion in Eighteenth-Century France by Steven L. Kaplan (1982)
"By this very gesture the famine plot persuasion simultaneously de- sacralized kingship: kingship could no longer command deference and submission in the ..."

6. Traumatic surgery by John Joseph Moorhead (1921)
"Lumbago, sciatica, arthritis, neuritis, the neuroses, and spinal asymmetry (atypical vertebrae; accessory vertebrae; fused or sacralized lumbar vertebrae) ..."

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