Definition of Sage green

1. Noun. The color of sage leaves.

Generic synonyms: Green, Greenness, Viridity

Definition of Sage green

1. Noun. A greyish green colour, like that of sage. ¹

2. Adjective. Of a greyish green colour, like that of sage. ¹

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Literary usage of Sage green

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Punch by Mark Lemon, Henry Mayhew, Tom Taylor, Shirley Brooks, Francis Cowley Burnand, Owen Seaman (1883)
"Sing Ho ! for the tweet sage green '} Her face is as wan as the water white. ... Sing Ho ! for the sweet sage green /) A Board-School Accomplishment. ..."

2. The Entomologist's Record and Journal of Variation by James William Tutt, Malcolm Burr (1890)
"... sage-green, the abdomen of a yellowish-green, and the head and head-parts of a pearly-yellowish (this is so both dorsally and ventrally). ..."

3. American Dictionary of Printing and Bookmaking: Containing a History of by Wesley Washington Pasko (1894)
"Combinations upon pale-green grounds which have been toned with brown, I. e., sage green : Deep sage creen and carmine, deep sage green and red purple, ..."

4. A Cotton Fabrics Glossary by Frank P. Bennett, & Co (1914)
"... sage green. 6 ounces orange li.; 2 ounces fast yellow S.; ... DARK sage green. 10 ounces orange il.; 3 ounces fast yellow S.; ..."

5. The Canadian Entomologist by Entomological Society of Canada (1863-1871), Entomological Society of Canada (1951- ), Entomological Society of Ontario (1907)
"The thorax is dark rk brown, but clothed with a coat of long sage green scales. On the fore wings the ground colour is dark brown ; basal area dusted ..."

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