Definition of Satellite tv

1. Noun. A television system in which the signal is transmitted to an orbiting satellite that receives the signal and amplifies it and transmits it back to earth.

Exact synonyms: Satellite Television
Generic synonyms: Television, Television System

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Literary usage of Satellite tv

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Successes and Difficulties of Small Innovative Firms in Russian Nuclear by Benjamin S Carson, Sr M.D., National Research Council (2002)
"Major deliveries of satellite TV equipment have been made to Yakutia and Buryatia and to TV centers in Primorye and Khabarovsk territories. ..."

2. Copyright Licensing Regimes Covering Retransmissioon of Broadcast Signals edited by Howard Coble (2001)
"In 1988, he was the recipient of the Home Satellite TV Association Star Award. Ergen has testified before Congress regarding DTH satellite TV industry ..."

3. Golf Resorts: Where to Play in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica & the by Jim Nicol, Barbara Nicol (2001)
"Satellite TV, restaurant, and lounge. Clocktower Hotel - 15 rooms, common-use sauna, ... Satellite TV. Listel Whistler Hotel - 97 rooms, sauna and Jacuzzi. ..."

4. Competition Law and Policy in Latin America: Peer Reviews of Argentina by Inter-American Development Bank (2006)
"CADE agreed and dismissed the case, observing that TVA was a viable competitor even without the channel and that requiring satellite TV services to share ..."

5. Jamaica by Paris Permenter, John Bigley (2000)
"Foot Prints on the Sand » 876-957-4300, fax 876-957-4301 Located right on Negril Beach, this 30-room resort offers air-conditioned rooms, satellite TV, ..."

6. Paris & Ile de France by Heather Stimmler-Hall (2004)
"This charming hotel in a historic townhouse has just 11 rooms of different sizes, each elegantly decorated and soundproofed, with satellite TV, telephone, ..."

7. France by Hunter Publishing, Incorporated (2001)
"... Paris Tel 0f. Fax 0f.48.00.9f.50 Meals breakfast Prices rooms F; breakfast F Rooms 24, all with bath or shower, phone, satellite TV Credit ..."

8. Mexico's Pacific Coast by Vivien Lougheed (2004)
"There is air conditioning, parking, a purified water system, laundry service, satellite TV, wheelchair access, a money exchange, safe deposit boxes and a ..."

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