Definition of Scarless

1. a. Free from scar.

Definition of Scarless

1. Adjective. Without scars. ¹

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Definition of Scarless

1. having no scars [adj]

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Literary usage of Scarless

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Three Centuries of English Poetry: Being Selections from Chaucer to Herrick by Rosaline Orme Masson (1877)
"SAFE AND ALL scarless. As when it happeneth that some lovely town Unto a barbarous besieger falls, Who both by sword and flames himself installs, And, ..."

2. Festus, a Poem by Philip James Bailey (1847)
"Thou shalt be Dashed from creation spark-like from a hand scarless : pass like a rolled syllable Of midnight thunder from the coming day. ..."

3. The Journal of Jurisprudence and Scottish Law Magazine (1889)
"But perhaps what Mr. Coldstream objects to, is the female preference for a scarless man when she comes to select her husband. In that case we can scarcely ..."

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