Definition of Schoenberg

1. Noun. United States composer and musical theorist (born in Austria) who developed atonal composition (1874-1951).

Exact synonyms: Arnold Schoenberg, Arnold Schonberg, Schonberg
Generic synonyms: Composer

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Literary usage of Schoenberg

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Musical Portraits: Interpretations of Twenty Modern Composers by Paul Rosenfeld (1920)
"But the later compositions of schoenberg withhold themselves, refuse our contact. They baffle with their apparently wilful ugliness, and bewilder with their ..."

2. Convex Optimization and Euclidean Distance Geometry by Jon Dattorro (2005)
" schoenberg criterion is discretized membership relation We show the schoenberg criterion (487) to be a discretized membership relation (ยง2.13.4) ..."

3. The Treatment of Israel by the United Nations: Congressional Hearing edited by Benjamin A. Gilman (2000)
"STATEMENT OF HARRIS O. schoenberg, DIRECTOR OF UN AFFAIRS, B'NAI B'RITH INTERNATIONAL Dr. schoenberg. Thank you, Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee, ..."

4. Papers to be Presented Before the Section on Ophthalmology of the American by Section on Ophthalmology, American Medical Association, American Medical Association Section on Ophthalmology (1914)
"EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCHES IN METHYL ALCOHOL INHALATION* HH TYSON, MD AND MJ schoenberg, MD NEW YORK Notwithstanding the earnest efforts of the ..."

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