Definition of Schoolbag

1. Noun. A bag for carrying school books and supplies. "Found just the right dictionary to fit into his schoolbag"

Generic synonyms: Bag

Definition of Schoolbag

1. Noun. A satchel used to carry supplies for school, a bookbag ¹

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Definition of Schoolbag

1. [n -S]

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Literary usage of Schoolbag

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Keeping Children Safe in Traffic by OECD Staff, Kate McMahon (2004)
"... and/or bicyclists with the use of high-visibility materials, and Germany has a schoolbag regulation requiring use of high visibility materials. ..."

2. Behind the Scenes in Warring Germany by Edward Lyell Fox (1915)
"... was a grotesque figure as she hobbled along in a vain attempt to run. The little girl at her heels looked incredibly old. She was carrying a schoolbag, ..."

3. Elementary Pedagogy by Levi Seeley (1906)
"... in the kindergarten, threw his schoolbag on the sofa, and indignantly exclaimed, " I'm not going there any more! I can't waste my time that way! ..."

4. The Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents (1898)
"She laughed, put her schoolbag carefully under the bed, and proceeded to crimp her "scolding locks," with a decidedly festive feeling. ..."

5. Annual Report of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors by Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (1902)
"Lead pencils, erasers, scale, horn protractor, scribbling books, rubber bands ; waterproof covers for instruments, schoolbag for each chainman to carry ..."

6. Me and Myn by Samuel Rutherford Crockett (1907)
"... sneak Myn come in with her schoolbag, and she kissed him and said, " Can'tI help you, father, just to clear away all this mess?" or something like that, ..."

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