Definition of Scratch race

1. Noun. A race in which all contestants start from scratch (on equal terms).

Generic synonyms: Race

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Literary usage of Scratch race

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Hunt's Yachting Magazine (1859)
"... and in the course of the afternoon, a scratch race wag got up in its place between the Champion and Sturgeon of Yarmouth, six-oared double banked gigs, ..."

2. Outing; Sport, Adventure, Travel, Fiction by Poultney Bigelow, James Henry Worman, Ben James Worman, Caspar Whitney, Albert Britt (1884)
"The four-mile imitation scratch-race was the event of the day, England's fastest men competing. CE Liles won the first heat in 12.33^, FES Perry the second, ..."

3. The New Hazell Annual and Almanack (1887)
"Several record's were made at this gigantic gathering, which attracted cyclists from all quarters of the globe. The five miles scratch race for the ..."

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