Definition of Scrub pine

1. Noun. Common small shrubby pine of the eastern United States having straggling often twisted or branches and short needles in bunches of 2.

Exact synonyms: Jersey Pine, Pinus Virginiana, Virginia Pine
Generic synonyms: Pine, Pine Tree, True Pine

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Literary usage of Scrub pine

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1884)
"scrub pine. He was a queer old chap, Ma ! I asked him what the children's names were. ... scrub pine [innocently'}. What is slang, Pa? FATHER PINE. ..."

2. Field Book of American Trees and Shrubs: A Concise Description of the by Ferdinand Schuyler Mathews (1915)
"N. scrub pine, pg. 9- 3. Loblolly Pine, pg. 4. 4. i. Lodgepole Pine, pg. 18, including all of No. 3. 2. Pilch Pine, pg. 5. 3. While Fir, pg. ..."

3. Bulletin by North Carolina Dept. of Conservation and Development, North Carolina Geological Survey (1883-1905), North Carolina Geological and Economic Survey (1894)
"Less frequently is the scrub pine associated with red cedar in these groves. The scrub pine forms groves of pure growth on the granite knolls which extend ..."

4. The Trees of Northeastern America by Charles Stedman Newhall (1890)
"scrub pine. (P. Virginiana, Mill.) Fig. 82 Fig. 81.—Table Mountain Pine. (P. pungens, Michx.) Fig. 82.—Red Pine. (P. resinosa, Ait.) NATURAL SIZE. ..."

5. Pennsylvania Trees by Joseph Simon Illick, Pennsylvania Dept. of Forestry (1914)
"JERSEY OR scrub pine. 1. lira in-li with needles and terminal duster of i 5. Lower sale оГ a com- scale, x buds, x 2. A cluster of two needles, ..."

6. Plant Life of Alabama: An Account of the Distribution, Modes of Association by Charles Theodore Mohr (1901)
"... and of cone-bearing trees the yellow pine (¡'hm* «-/limita) and scrub pine ... scrub pine ..."

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