Definition of Sea poacher

1. Noun. Small slender fish (to 8 inches) with body covered by bony plates; chiefly of deeper northern Pacific waters.

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Literary usage of Sea poacher

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. An Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language: To which is Prefixed, a by John Jamieson (1879)
"SEA-POACHER, ». The Pogge, a fish, ] of Forth. ... Pogge or Armed Bull- —Sea-Poacher. Neill's List of Fishes, p. 9. SEA-SWINE, ». ..."

2. Jamieson's Dictionary of the Scottish Language: In which the Words are by John Jamieson, John Johnstone (1867)
"SEA-PIET, f. Pled Oyster-catcher. S. Stai. Ace. SEA-POACHER, ». The Pogge, a fish, Frith of Forth. " Cottus cataphractus. ..."

3. The Fisheries Exhibition Literature by London International Fisheries Exhibition (1884)
"This is possibly the case, and the penal servitude under the Explosives Act might therefore, with greater possibility, be used against a sea-poacher in ..."

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