Medical Definition of Secondary electron imaging

1. Production of secondary electrons is very topography related. Due to their low energy, 5eV, only secondaries that are very near the surface (less than 10nm) can exit the sample and be examined. Any changes in topography in the sample that are larger than this sampling depth will change the yield of secondaries due to collection efficiencies. Collection of these electrons is aided by using a collector in conjunction with the secondary electron detector. The collector is a grid or mesh with a +100V potential applied to it which is placed in front of the detector, attracting the negatively charged secondary electrons to it which then pass through the grid-holes and into the detector to be counted. When a Secondary Electrons collide with the solid-state semiconductor detector an electron-hole pairs are created which are then counted. This quantity is translated into a pixel intensity and displayed on the CRT, forming the image. (05 Aug 1998)

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