Definition of Sended

1. Verb. (nonstandard) (past of send) ¹

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Definition of Sended

1. send [v] - See also: send

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Literary usage of Sended

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Journal of Jurisprudence by Law Library Microform Consortium (1883)
"... it is from his youngest son that the Earls of Hopetoun sended; while the Hopes of Amsterdam, now represented ..."

2. A Student's Pastime: Being a Select Series of Articles Reprinted from "Notes by Walter William Skeat (1896)
"In saying that the form sended (for sent) never existed, I meant that it does not occur in ... I quote his words : ' Send had its original preterite sended; ..."

3. The Manuscripts of J. Eliot Hodgkin, Esq., F. S. A. of Richmond, Surrey by John Eliot Hodgkin, Gascoigne, Samuel Pepys, John Cordy Jeaffreson (1897)
"At his departing from Consuegra, he sended tho the Queen a letter or better a Manifest, in vere high terms as your Lordship can see by the copie of it, ..."

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