Definition of Senna alata

1. Noun. Tropical shrub (especially of Americas) having yellow flowers and large leaves whose juice is used as a cure for ringworm and poisonous bites; sometimes placed in genus Cassia.

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Literary usage of Senna alata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Flora of British India by Joseph Dalton Hooker (1879)
"Rozb. Hort. Seng. 31; Wall. Cat. 6301; W. Sf A. Prodr. 287 ; Wight Ic. t. 253. senna alata, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 349. 0. brac- teata, Linn.JU.; DC. loc. tit. ..."

2. Flora Medica; a Botanical Account of All the More Important Plants Used in by John Lindley (1838)
"senna alata md. ii. 349. (Rumph. vii. 1.18.). — Gardens of India, but apparently not indigenous. Stem erect, often as thick as a man's leg, ..."

3. Materia medica of India and their therapeutics by Rustomjee Naserwanjee Khory, Nanabhai Navrosji Katrak, . (1903)
"senna alata. Habitat.—Travancore ; cultivated in India. Part used.—The leaves. Vernacular.—Beng. ..."

4. A Manual of Indian Timbers: An Account of the Growth, Distribution, and Uses by James Sykes Gamble (1902)
"... in those from Pegu the flowers are pink. G. alata, Linn. ; Fl. Br. Ind. ii. 264 ; Talbot Bomb. List 79 (senna alata, Roxb. Fl. Ind. ii. 349) ; Vern. ..."

5. The Useful Plants of India: With Notices of Their Chief Value in Commerce by Heber Drury (1873)
"Oct.— W. & A. Prod. i. 287.— Wight Icon. t. 253.—C. bracteata, Linn.—senna alata, Roxb. Fl. I,wl. i. 349. Travancore. Cultivated in India. MEDICAL USES. ..."

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