Definition of Sense datum

1. Noun. An unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation. "A sensation of touch"

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Literary usage of Sense datum

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Philosophical Studies by George Edward Moore (1922)
"When, therefore, I judge " This is a coin," my judgment is certainly a judgment about the one sense-datum, and when I judge " And that is also a coin," it ..."

2. Epistemology; Or, The Theory of Knowledge: An Introduction to General by Peter Coffey (1917)
"We assume here that the sense datum makes us directly aware of reality? And the mental product of conception, the species intelligibilis expressa or verbum ..."

3. Epistemology; Or, The Theory of Knowledge: An Introduction to General by Peter Coffey (1917)
"... is really aware of the concrete sense datum, " bitter ". The colour-blind perceiver, looking on the field of poppies has really present to consciousness ..."

4. The Journal of Speculative Philosophy: Ed. by Wm. T. Harris edited by William Torrey Harris (1881)
"But this something beyond need by no means be an external cause of the present sense-datum. On the contrary, the notion of an external cause seems to me a ..."

5. The Concept of Knowledge by Panayot Butchvarov (1970)
"Such an entity is given the technical label sense-datum, and the Sense-Datum Theory is the view that the conclusion of the Argument from Illusion is true. ..."

6. Mysticism and Logic: And Other Essays by Bertrand Russell (1919)
"The existence of the sense-datum is therefore not logically dependent upon that of the subject; for the only way, so far as I know, in which the existence ..."

7. The Meaning of the Terms: 'existence' and 'reality' by Alvin Thalheimer (1920)
"And so I think of a ghost that pretends to be a sense-datum in which I believe. ... This entity that is an object of my thought is given as a sense-datum in ..."

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