Definition of Sequestered

1. Adjective. Providing privacy or seclusion. "A secluded romantic spot"

Exact synonyms: Cloistered, Reclusive, Secluded
Similar to: Private
Derivative terms: Reclusiveness

2. Adjective. Kept separate and secluded. "A sequestered jury"

Definition of Sequestered

1. a. Retired; secluded.

Definition of Sequestered

1. Verb. (past of sequester) ¹

2. Adjective. Something that has already been separated. ¹

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Definition of Sequestered

1. sequester [v] - See also: sequester

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Literary usage of Sequestered

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Harleian Miscellany: Or, A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and by William Oldys, John Malham (1810)
"Dr. Brough, sequestered, plundered, wife and children turned out of doors, his wife dead with grief; 2, Mr. Weld, his curate, assaulted, beaten in the ..."

2. A Catalogue of the Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of the University of by Cambridge University Library (1867)
"Chinner rectory Oxon. sequestered 10 Oct. 1644 from Dr Nat. Giles to Dr Jo. ... Ham rectory Wilts sequestered from Dr Newlands to Hen. Newland (p. 435); 32. ..."

3. A History of the English Church During the Civil Wars and Under the by William Arthur Shaw (1900)
"Lancaster, sequestered from Dr. Augustine Wildbore to Nehemiah Barnett. (Ibid.) Eccleston (Lancashire), sequestered from Dr. Ri. Parre, Bishop of the Isle ..."

4. A History of the English Church During the Civil Wars and Under the by William Arthur Shaw (1900)
"Panfield, Essex, sequestered from Edward Jenkinson to John Clarke. (Ibid., 268.) Hendon (Midd. ... Preacher of Button's Hospital, sequestered from Daniel ..."

5. Federal Equity Practice: A Treatise on the Pleadings Used and Practice by Thomas Atkins Street (1909)
"When the defendant's contempt is cleared, the property sequestered is ... In the latter case, the property or money sequestered may be applied to the ..."

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