Definition of Serumal

1. serum [adj] - See also: serum

Medical Definition of Serumal

1. Relating to or derived from serum. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Serumal

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Alveolodental Pyorrhea by Charles Cassedy Bass (1915)
"serumal CALCULUS Not only may certain salts in pus of certain ... This is "serumal" calculus, and is probably a source of considerable irritation in ..."

2. The Diseases and Treatment of the Investing Tissues of the Teeth by Arthur Davenport Black (1916)
"... and have emphasized the fact that deposits of serumal calculus and injuries to the gingivae are the principal local exciting causes. ..."

3. The Journal of the Allied Dental Societies by Allied Dental Societies (U.S.) (1918)
"Apparently serumal deposits do not continue to protect the roots long after the recession of the gums exposes them to the full action of the fluids of the ..."

4. Dominion Dental Journal (1905)
"Nodules or deposits -might be found on the roots, which is called serumal calculus, and is supposed to come directly from the blood ; cases have been cited, ..."

5. Transactions of the Odontological Society of Pennsylvania by Odontological Society of Pennsylvania (1895)
"I agree with Dr. Truman that where it occurs without the presence of serumal deposition it commences at the margin of the gum; but where it comes from what ..."

6. Clinical Rheumatology: A Problem-oriented Approach to Diagnosis and Management by Roland W. Moskowitz (1921)
"There is often important material for investigation that can be had only in very small crumbs, or broken pieces, such as serumal calculus, sands, ..."

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