Definition of Setting hen

1. Noun. A domestic hen ready to brood.

Exact synonyms: Brood Hen, Broody, Broody Hen, Sitter
Generic synonyms: Biddy, Hen

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Literary usage of Setting hen

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1897)
"A "SETTING" HEN. Is it not a strange thing that so many of us speak of a "setting "hen without realizing that it is not a correct expression ? ..."

2. Poultry Production by William Adams Lippincott (1921)
"During the warm weather, these pests multiply so rapidly as to greatly deplete a setting hen's vitality, even causing them to die on the nest. ..."

3. Platform Echos; Or, Living Truths for Head & Heart ...: With a History of Mr by John Bartholomew Gough, Lyman Abbott (1886)
"... Deacon —A Funny Story —The Dutchman and His setting hen — Record of a Noble Woman — My Disagreeable Neighbor — A Ship on Her First Cruise — The Storm. ..."

4. The Reading Club and Handy Speaker: Being Selections in Prose and Poetry by George Melville Baker (1879)
"... Thinking the stories over with smiles, I tell their great-grandmother's sweet stories of the tiles. GOLDEN AGE. THE CITY MAN AND setting hen. ..."

5. English Usage: Studies in the History and Uses of English Words and Phrases by John Lesslie Hall (1917)
"The student hears setting hen all around him in most parts of the English ... A distinguished authority for setting hen is the eminent philologist George P. ..."

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