Definition of Sex change

1. Noun. A change in a person's physical sexual characteristics (as by surgery and hormone treatments).

Generic synonyms: Alteration, Change, Modification

Definition of Sex change

1. Noun. (''deprecated'') A sexual reassignment surgery (SRS). ¹

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Literary usage of Sex change

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Public Scandals: Sexual Orientation and Criminal Law in Romania : a Report by Human Rights Watch (Organization) (1998)
"211 The first sex-change operation was performed in Romania in 1994. amid frenzied publicity. None has been performed since, though one doctor states that ..."

2. Transsexuals: Life from Both Sides by Lynn Hubschman (1999)
"The sociolinguist Livia Polanyi interviewed McCloskey about the implications of her sex change and whether it influences her thinking about economics. ..."

3. More Than a Name: State-Sponsored Homophobia and Its Consequences in by Scott Long, A. Widney Brown, Gail Cooper (2003)
"See also, "Law would benefit sex-change people," Sunday Times, June 19, 1994. South African Commission on Gender Equality, Annual Report 1998, ..."

4. The Glands Regulating Personality: A Study of the Glands of Internal by Louis Berman (1921)
"That is why in women after the grand sex change of life, the menopause, hair often grows in the typically male regions because.of loss of the inhibiting ..."

5. Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal : an Annotated Topical Bibliography by Steven C. Kettler (1993)
"CSS Adams, Jay E., sex change; Division in Eldership; Children; Suicide; Paranoia; Repression; Forgetting; Death [30070] Alcom, Randy C., Christians in the ..."

6. The Journal of the Linnean Society by Linnean Society of London (1906)
"... phenomenon of dominance is peculiar to the character itself, and is not in any way influenced by change of sex, change of individual, or change of race. ..."

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