Definition of Sextiles

1. Noun. (plural of sextile) ¹

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Definition of Sextiles

1. sextile [n] - See also: sextile

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Literary usage of Sextiles

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Text-book of School and Class Management by Felix Arnold (1910)
"sextiles (approximate) to correspond with series in Fig. 2. indicate the values obtained. The gradation in the series may also be shown. ..."

2. Text-book of School and Class Management by Felix Arnold (1910)
"If sextiles are used, the values obtained are placed at the side. The six bottom divisions indicate the sextiles. In the following figures, the curves and ..."

3. Select letters by Marcus Tullius Cicero, Albert Watson (1870)
"Of this man nothing est. ' Cp. Ep. 4, 1. qv more seems to be known. I1. A. d. 1n. Kalendas sextiles,'July Maiorem in modum, ' earnestly. ..."

4. Origines Kalendariæ Italicæ: Nundinal Calendars of Ancient Italy, Nundinal by Edward Greswell (1854)
"... vi Kalendas sextiles x, September 21 : to which Cicero also alludes y at the time of the action as but lately over. Neither of these dates was ..."

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