Definition of Sexual climax

1. Noun. The moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse.

Exact synonyms: Climax, Coming, Orgasm
Generic synonyms: Consummation
Specialized synonyms: Male Orgasm
Derivative terms: Climactic, Come

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Literary usage of Sexual climax

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Satan's Drummers by Sananda (1995)
"The point of all this was to have the sexual climax at the point of death of the child. The terror of the child and the sexual climax seemed to give the ..."

2. The American Journal of Psychology by Granville Stanley Hall, Edward Bradford Titchener (1895)
"... must have the effect of awakening mental processes which intervene and tend to postpone the sexual climax. They must represent a margin, an overflow, ..."

3. Sexual Science: Including Manhod, Womanhood, and Their Mutual Interrelations by Orson Squire Fowler (1870)
"... first reaches the sexual climax, casts the gender, but originates the opposite sex. That is, when the father reaches it first, the product is a girl, ..."

4. Biological Bulletin by Marine Biological Laboratory (Woods Hole, Mass.) (1907)
"... either direct adaptations to the sexual life of the fish or necessary accompaniments of the high physiological tone that accompanies the sexual climax. ..."

5. The Rational Sex Life for Men by Max Joseph Exner (1914)
"During sexual stimulation they are liberated by the thousands and during the sexual climax they are ejected out of the body together with the secretions ..."

6. Proceedings of the Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh by Royal Physical Society of Edinburgh (1888)
"The connection of periods of fasting with the succeeding sexual climax has been repeatedly noticed (82, 93). ..."

7. Environmental Theology by Richard Cartwright Austin (1990)
"This is a play on our expectations, for like the ancient listeners to this familiar story, we know that a beautiful sexual climax is near. ..."

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