Definition of Sheep pen

1. Noun. A pen for sheep.

Exact synonyms: Fold, Sheepcote, Sheepfold
Generic synonyms: Pen
Derivative terms: Fold

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Literary usage of Sheep pen

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Successful Farming by William Rennie (1900)
"sheep pen. sheep Pen. For location of the sheep pen see farm diagram on page 32. cattle and As cattle do not thrive on the same pasture Sheep separate, ..."

2. Modern Sheep: Breeds and Management by William James Clarke (1907)
"West end for rams, center alley for feed room, with sheep pen either side. Next section of alley is a nice sheep pen and long narrow 14x20 ft. pens on ..."

3. Archaeologia Cambrensis by Cambrian Archaeological Association, Donald Moore, Thomas Rowland Powel (1867)
"... as the word by •which a sheep-pen is expressed, and it is perhaps worthy of notice, that in general sheep-pens are called ..."

4. Two Years Before the Mast and Twenty-four Years After by Richard Henry Dana (1909)
"In the scuppers lay the galley, bottom up, and a few boards floating about, the wreck of the sheep- pen,—and half a dozen miserable sheep floating among ..."

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