Definition of Sheet lighting

1. Noun. Lightning that appears as a broad sheet; due to reflections of more distant lightning and to diffusion by the clouds.

Generic synonyms: Lightning

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Literary usage of Sheet lighting

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Illustrations of the Theory and Practice of Ventilation: With Remarks on by David Boswell Reid (1844)
"Brilliant sheet-lighting in one place, generally indicates a powerful thunder-storm in another and more distant situation. 6. Some constitutions are much ..."

2. Spectrum Analysis in Its Application to Terrestrial Substances, and the by Heinrich Schellen (1872)
"... while that of sheet lighting is mostly red, but sometimes violet and bluish, his is in conformity with the different colours ..."

3. Afoot and Alone: A Walk from Sea to Sea by the Southern Route. Adventures by Stephen Powers (1872)
"... feebly out through the wagon-sheet, lighting up dimly the surface of the surging creeks ; with the wailing babes around her, the spirit of the weary ..."

4. Building the Nation: Events in the History of the United States from the by Charles Carleton Coffin (1882)
"... Suddenly there was a bright flash —a broad sheet— lighting the bay, harbor, town, and castle; there was an earthquake shock; then all was dark. ..."

5. Elementary Physics: An Introduction to the Study of Natural Philosophy by Robert Hunt (1851)
"... amount to explosions, seen of a summer's evening, is also termed sheet lighting. Globular lightning, which is not very common, is of the character of ..."

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