Definition of Ship

1. Noun. A vessel that carries passengers or freight.

Examples of category: Lurch, Pitch, Pitching, Auxiliary Boiler, Donkey Boiler, Auxiliary Engine, Donkey Engine, Belaying Pin, Bitt, Bollard, Brig, Engine Room, Engineering, Funnel, Magnetic Mine, Planking, Embrasure, Port, Porthole, Sick Berth, Sickbay, Beam, Log, Destabilization, Foundering, Going Under, Harborage, Harbourage, Messmate, Drift, Leeway, Trim, Carvel-built, Clincher-built, Clinker-built, Lap-strake, Lap-straked, Lap-streak, Lap-streaked, Broken-backed, Hogged, Astern
Specialized synonyms: Abandoned Ship, Derelict, Blockade-runner, Cargo Ship, Cargo Vessel, Flagship, Gas-turbine Ship, Hospital Ship, Hulk, Iceboat, Icebreaker, Lightship, Minelayer, Minesweeper, Nuclear-powered Ship, Passenger Ship, Pirate, Pirate Ship, School Ship, Training Ship, Shipwreck, Sister Ship, Slave Ship, Small Ship, Steamer, Steamship, Supply Ship, Tender, Three-decker, Transport Ship, Treasure Ship, Troopship, Combat Ship, War Vessel, Warship, Whaler, Whaling Ship, Wreck
Terms within: Bay, Bilge Pump, Bilge Well, Bulkhead, Bulwark, Cargo Area, Cargo Deck, Cargo Hold, Hold, Storage Area, Crow's Nest, Davit, Deck, Fin, Fo'c'sle, Forecastle, Funnel, Caboose, Cookhouse, Galley, Ship's Galley, Gyrostabiliser, Gyrostabilizer, Helm, Log, Lubber's Hole, Porthole, Ratlin, Ratline, Ridge Rope, Riding Bitt, Screw, Screw Propeller, Drogue, Sea Anchor, Mainsheet, Sheet, Shroud, Tack, Weather Sheet, Frame, Skeletal Frame, Skeleton, Underframe, Spar, After Part, Poop, Quarter, Stern, Tail, Superstructure, Top, Topside, Winch, Windlass
Specialized synonyms: Bounty, H.m.s. Bounty, Mayflower
Generic synonyms: Vessel, Watercraft
Group relationships: Fleet

2. Verb. Transport commercially. "They ship them the parcel"
Exact synonyms: Send, Transport
Generic synonyms: Displace, Move
Specialized synonyms: Barge, Railroad, Despatch, Dispatch, Send Off, Forward, Send On
Also: Send Off, Send On
Derivative terms: Shipment, Shipment, Shipper, Shipper, Shipping, Transport, Transportation

3. Verb. Hire for work on a ship.
Generic synonyms: Employ, Engage, Hire

4. Verb. Go on board.
Exact synonyms: Embark
Generic synonyms: Board, Get On
Specialized synonyms: Emplane, Enplane
Antonyms: Disembark
Derivative terms: Embarkment

5. Verb. Travel by ship.
Generic synonyms: Journey, Travel

6. Verb. Place on board a ship. ; "Ship the cargo in the hold of the vessel"
Generic synonyms: Lay, Place, Pose, Position, Put, Set
Specialized synonyms: Reship

Definition of Ship

1. n. A suffix denoting state, office, dignity, profession, or art; as in lordship, friendship, chancellorship, stewardship, horsemanship.

2. n. Pay; reward.

3. n. Any large seagoing vessel.

4. v. t. To put on board of a ship, or vessel of any kind, for transportation; to send by water.

5. v. i. To engage to serve on board of a vessel; as, to ship on a man-of- war.

Definition of Ship

1. Noun. A water-borne vessel generally larger than a boat. ¹

2. Noun. (chiefly in combination) A vessel which travels through any medium other than across land, such as an airship or spaceship. ¹

3. Noun. (archaic nautical formal) A sailing vessel with three or more square-rigged masts. ¹

4. Verb. (transitive) To send by water-borne transport. ¹

5. Verb. (transitive) To send a parcel or container to a recipient (by any means of transport). ¹

6. Verb. (transitive) To take in (water) over the sides of a vessel. ¹

7. Verb. (transitive) To pass (from one person to another) ¹

8. Verb. (poker slang ambitransitive) To go all in. ¹

9. Verb. (sports) To trade or send a player to another team. ¹

10. Verb. ¹

11. Noun. (fandom) A fictional romantic relationship between two persons, either real or themselves fictional. ¹

12. Verb. (fandom) To be a fan of or promote a certain ship. ¹

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Definition of Ship

1. to transport by ship (a vessel suitable for navigation in deep water) [v SHIPPED, SHIPPING, SHIPS]

Medical Definition of Ship

1. A structure resembling the hull of a ship. Fabricius' ship, the outlines of the sphenoid, occipital, and frontal bones, from their fancied resemblance to the hull of a ship. (05 Mar 2000)

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