Definition of Short division

1. Noun. The operation of division in which the sequence of steps is performed without writing them out.

Generic synonyms: Division

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Literary usage of Short division

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Repressive Legislation of the Republic of South Africa by Elizabeth S. Landis, United Nations Unit on Apartheid (1905)
"short division.—Take as an example £9 18s. $^d. ... As in simple division, the principle is the same as in short division, but less work is done mentally, ..."

2. Improvement and the Distribution of Practice by Robert Alexander Cummins (1919)
"(c) short division. The very large per cent of improvement made by the classes ... In conducting the experiment in short division the same general plan was ..."

3. Public School Methods (1921)
"Division, (a) short division. Division by one figure should be taught orally, ... The next step in short division is the introduction of dividends leaving a ..."

4. A New Manual of Method by Alfred Hezekiah Garlick (1896)
"short division.—Take as an example £g 185. ^d. -f 4, and explain the work as follows :— 5. 18 + 20 38 4 4 £ s- d. 4)9 18 3i 2 g 6$ + 2 = £2 + £1 over, ..."

5. Practical Arithmetic, Uniting the Inductive with the Synthetic Mode of by James Bates Thomson (1846)
"The preceding method of dividing is called short division. From the illustrations and principles now explained, we derive the following RULE FOR SHORT ..."

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