Definition of Shovel in

1. Verb. Earn large sums of money. "Since she accepted the new position, she has been raking it in"

Exact synonyms: Rake In
Generic synonyms: Bring In, Clear, Earn, Gain, Make, Pull In, Realise, Realize, Take In

2. Verb. Eat a large amount of food quickly. "They shovel in more bread"; "The children gobbled down most of the birthday cake"
Exact synonyms: Bolt Down, Garbage Down, Gobble Up
Generic synonyms: Eat

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Literary usage of Shovel in

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Missionary Review of the World (1917)
"A THREE MAN POWER "STEAM" shovel in CHOSEN One man guides and two pull on the ropes attached to the shovel The Bible Institutes, of which the Pierson ..."

2. Transactions of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and (1918)
"... had gathered a large amount of data upon the development of the steam shovel in connection with coal mining. These data he has most kindly given ..."

3. St. Nicholas by Mary Mapes Dodge (1906)
"They loaded the shovel in the wheelbarrow once more and started home well ... Pinkey replaced the wheelbarrow and the shovel in the woodshed and entered the ..."

4. Life in Danbury: Being a Brief But Comprehensive Record of the Doings of a by James Montgomery Bailey (1873)
"... his neck a flannel soaked in hot vinegar and salt, and had feathers burnt on a shovel in his room. He is now thoroughly cured, and full of gratitude. ..."

5. Notes on Track: Construction and Maintenance by Walter Mason Camp (1904)
"In order to avoid delay In working a steam shovel in a bank considerably higher than the reach of the dipper it is desirable to have the material slide down ..."

6. Timbering and Mining: A Treatise on Practical American Methods by William H. Storms (1909)
"The ore of the Mesabi range is soft and may be mined in this manner by steam- shovel. In the first cut the ore is either thrown to one side, ..."

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