Definition of Siberian spruce

1. Noun. Tall spruce of northern Europe and Asia; resembles Norway spruce.

Exact synonyms: Picea Obovata
Generic synonyms: Spruce

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Literary usage of Siberian spruce

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Siberia in Asia: a Visit to the Valley of the Genesay in East Siberia: With by Henry Seebohm (1882)
"... Yen-e-say'—Larch—Spruce fir— siberian spruce fir—Scotch fir—Cedar—Birch—Alder and Juniper—Poplar— Picturesque scenery—Two new birds added to my list—The ..."

2. Through Siberia, the Land of the Future by Fridtjof Nansen (1914)
"The siberian spruce must also be more hardy than ours, since it can grow here in such conditions.* And then there is the Siberian cedar (pinus cembra), ..."

3. The Indian Forester (1883)
"Besides these trees, the spruce fir, which differs from the siberian spruce, is highly esteemed for masts, oars, "knees" in ship building, and snow shoes. ..."

4. An Account of the Forests of Russia and Their Products in Comparison with by P. N. Werekha (1896)
"... in the north with the white spruce of Siberia. Spruce is exploited in the same order of cutting as pine. siberian spruce (Abies-Sibirica), Ledeb (Abies ..."

5. Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters by Society of American Foresters (1908)
"A species of siberian spruce was a close second. Norway spruce suffered about fifty per cent loss. The white spruce collected in the Champlain Valley showed ..."

6. Side-lights on Siberia: Some Account of the Great Siberian Railroad, the by James Young Simpson (1898)
"... while the padding is largely left to the small but graceful siberian spruce, with smoother bark and darker leaves than the ordinary spruce fir. ..."

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