Definition of Sick benefit

1. Noun. Money paid (by the government) to someone who is too ill to work.

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Literary usage of Sick benefit

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor by United States Bureau of Labor (1911)
"In other departments, or in those special groups of industry where special sick benefit funds (Kassy) exist, which will be described hereafter, the proceeds ..."

2. Studies in American Trade Unionism by Jacob Harry Hollander, George Ernest Barnett (1906)
"In 1895, provision was made by the national organization for the payment of a weekly sick benefit. Previously thereto, various forms of sick relief had been ..."

3. The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science by Johns Hopkins University (1921)
"Many early local unions paid some form of sick benefit or at least took up ... Suggestions for a general sick-benefit feature began to appear about 1865 and ..."

4. Report by New Hampshire Bureau of Labor, Montana (1893)
"Stipulated sick benefit $10 per week. Funeral КЮ.ОО ' Both sick benefit {10 per week. ... sick benefit $5.00 .ver week; death J200. disability $100 to 540 ..."

5. Report of the Proceedings by Church congress (1895)
"(f) Some are evidently allowing the sick benefit to assume the annuity form, ... No provision is made in the sick benefit subscription for any Old Age ..."

6. The Leisure Hour edited by William Haig Miller, James Macaulay, William Stevens (1882)
"sick benefit SOCIETIES. The fact that amongst the labouring clashes the life ... These sick benefit societies are so general as to have only too commonly ..."

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