Definition of Side chair

1. Noun. A straight-backed chair without arms.

Exact synonyms: Straight Chair
Generic synonyms: Chair
Terms within: Round, Rung, Stave, Splat
Specialized synonyms: Windsor Chair

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Literary usage of Side chair

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Colonial Furniture in America by Luke Vincent Lockwood (1913)
"It will be seen that they are really the side chair of the comb-back type and, as is the case with the side chairs of the Windsor type, are less strong than ..."

2. A Windsor Handbook: Comprising Illustrations & Descriptions of Winsor by Wallace Nutting (1917)
"An almost perfect specimen of light side chair. ... The bottoms of the legs in any good WINDSOR side chair extend well beyond the seat, ..."

3. American Architect and Building News (1908)
"3 illustrates a mahogany side chair in typical Chippendale style, ... 5 shows a side chair in what is known as the ribbon-back design, ..."

4. Early American Craftsmen by Walter Alden Dyer (1915)
"Similar to those in the Metropolitan Museum 59 A splendid example of medallion-back Phyfe side chair, owned by Mr. Halsey 66 Medallion-back armchair, ..."

5. Furniture of the Pilgrim Century, 1620-1720: Including Colonial Utensils and by Wallace Nutting (1921)
"The rather common side chair with slats which was used in kitchens throughout the Eighteenth Century was merely a lighter type of the Pilgrim slat back, ..."

6. Efficiency Arithmetic: Advanced by Charles Ernest Chadsey, James Hamblin Smith (1917)
"1 (American Walnut) Bed—Full size $42.00 Spring and Mattress 38.50 Chest of Drawers 56.00 Dresser 65.00 Night Stand 8.00 side chair and Side Rocker,ea. ..."

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