Definition of Signeted

1. a. Stamped or marked with a signet.

Definition of Signeted

1. Adjective. Stamped or marked with a signet. ¹

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Definition of Signeted

1. signet [v] - See also: signet

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Literary usage of Signeted

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland by Scotland Privy Council (1902)
"All signed and signeted by the messenger. 29. ... Signed and signeted as above. 31. "Apud Edinburgh quarto die mensis Aprilis anno Domini millesimo ЕН ..."

2. The Scottish Jurist: Containing Reports of Cases Decided in the House of by Great Britain Parliament. House of Lords, House of Lords, Parliament, Great Britain (1852)
"Therefore, I am for repelling the second objection. Then there is the third objection,—that, holding the summons to be a signeted writ, it is not duly ..."

3. Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Session, Teind Court, Court of by Scotland Court of Session, Robert Stuart (1852)
"1851. signeted in common form.~\ Therefore, according to the Act of ^"7""" ... Can I say it is not a signeted writ, and void, because tlie date is written ..."

4. The Law and Practice of Citation and Diligence: On the Basis of the Late Mr by Robert Campbell, James Johnston Darling (1862)
"I, AD, Messenger-at-Arms, by virtue of Letters of General Loosing of Arrestment, dated and signeted the day of Eighteen hundred and years, raised at the ..."

5. Report of the Trial of Alexander Humphreys Or Alexander, Claiming the Title by Alexander Alexander, Archibald Swinton, Scotland High Court of Justiciary (1839)
"A summons of reduction-improbation, declarator, &c., at the instance of the same pursuer against William Cunninghame Cunninghame Graham, dated and signeted ..."

6. Cases Decided in the Court of Session by Scotland Court of Session, Patrick Shaw, Scotland, Court of Session (1836)
"The letters were signeted on the 12th. In February, 1836, before the record in the depending action wa* closed, the Earl of Caithness applied for recal of ..."

7. The Practice of the Court of Session: On the Basis of the Late Mr. Darling's by Charles Farquhar Shand, James Johnston Darling (1848)
"It therefore continued necessary to consider accurately the nature of a summons to decide the question, whether it should be signeted or not, ..."

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